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HTorex has created the next generation marketing strategy called ‘HTorex Promoters’. Promoters will keep the world talking about you and your Hospitality, Travel and Leisure products and services whether as an owner/manager or investor.
Promote via Htorex

They yield great returns through bookings and sales. Every product is promoted separately by a dedicated team of promoters all over the world giving it the most efficient approach.


Publishers at HTorex refers to all service providers in Hospitality, Travel and Leisure industry. This include; Hotels, Airlines, Attraction sites, Cruises, Tour/Travel Companies, OTA’s and MICE centres to mention but a few.
Publish at HTorex

Every product published at HTorex and purchased by investors is opened to the world for promotion and advertising. Ordinary and experienced internet users subscribe to promote these products using special product codes. Promoters make money while promoting these products from the comfort of their phones and computers as they go on with their day to day lives.


HTorex opens great opportunities for the world to invest in this enormously rewarding industry by diversifying revenue streams and creating innovative and affordable investment options.
Invest at HTorex

HTorex stream live trading options for millions of Hospitality, Travel and Leisure products such as hotel rooms, flight seats and leisure packages and so much more in the HTorex web based platforms and apps across the globe for trading, purchase, promotion and booking.

Leisure Companies

Millions of Leisure companies such as Tour operators, Travel Agents, Safari Outfitters, Holiday Planners, Cruise Holiday booking agents, Excursion organizers and many others will find HTorex to be what they have been looking for centuries.

HTorex has created the most integrated and robust system that will make their work easy and efficient. For instance, with HTorex, a leisure company is able to create a product of a destination he is not familiar with seamless connections with reliable service providers in that particular destination anywhere in the world.

One Kenyan One Tourist

This campaigns targets each of the Kenya's 37.7 million internet/smartphone users to reach out at least one tourist within the time of campaign period. The campaign is supported by HTorex promoters, publishers and Direct Booking Platform making one of the most effective promotion campaign. The campaign can be accurately measured to the smallest detail. It also considers all the aspects including products/services, target markets and detailed market intelligence and data analysis.

HTorex Invention

HTorex was started by Francis Njue, a young Hospitality and Travel professional from Kenya. For ten years he has been researching and inventing modern concepts in the quest to solve myriad hospitality and travel industry problems in different parts of Kenya and beyond. He is a dynamic Hospitality and Travel professional who seeks to see the industry more robust and with minimal and manageable challenges.

Frank as most of his folk’s call him has brought together some of the best ICT brains in the region to create HTorex. He is also surrounded by deeply experienced Hospitality and Travel professionals in every step of HTorex invention. He is also trusted and supported by established investors of Hotel industry in Kenya and East Africa at large. The top management and directorship of HTorex comprises of reputable and successful individuals who have brought great revolution in hospitality and travel industry in Africa and beyond.

HTorex Market Place (HtMap)

HTorex stream live prices of Hospitality, Travel and Leisure commodities on which users can trade allowing electronic trading to be carried out by users from anywhere in the world. HTorex has been specifically designed to allow individuals to gain access to Hospitility, Travel and Leisure markets that could formerly only be accessed by professional firms. It also provides additional support trading tools such as, account management functions, projecting packages and news feeds. HTorex has also been designed to automatically trade specific strategies.

Universal Points Redemption (HTUP)

HTorex runs the next generation loyalty program called HTorex Universal Points (HTUP*). With HTUP*, the competitiveness of loyalty rewards has completely shifted from accumulation to the value at redemption.

Many Hospitality, Travel and Leisure players used to be able to bank on brand loyalty, but today’s world of online travel deals has left that loyalty in the dust.

The next few years will see significant changes in the on-line Hospitality, Travel and Leisure distribution competitive environment including the rising importance of mobile apps, in-destination services and big data and the emergence of new players. HTUP* is therefore the future of global tourism loyalty program.

HTorex Social

It is at HTorex where millions of internet users in the world make money by promoting purchased or published hospitality, travel and leisure products and services at the comfort of their phones and social network connections. HTorex simply means unlimited empowerment and recognized. Whether you are a promoter, a user, a service provider, a tourist destination or a professional, HTorex exposes you where it matters and to the right audience in every corner of the world

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Attraction Sites

This include National Parks, Game reserves, Zoos, Museums, amusement parks, cultural centers, sanctuaries, conservancies, special sites, community tourism centers and so much more.

Every single one of this is able to create their own profile at HTorex and manage it as their own office. This not only creates a simple operation window but also opens the site to millions of audience globally. A tourist wishing to visit a certain attraction site will be able to book it well in advance.

Our Customers

HTorex is the power that runs global Tourism. We have created solutions and intergrations that effectively serve every single player in the Hospitality, Travel and Leisure.

Our customers therefore include; Tourists, Guests and Passengers seeking services anywhere in the world, Service providers such as airlines, hotels, leisure companies, transporters, tour guides, home stays providers, and finally the intermediaries such as online travel agents, tour companies, travel agents. We also have promoters who have dedicated their time to market hospitality, travel and leisure products and services globally through HTorex. And finally the investors who come to HTorex seeking investment opportunities from published commodities such airlines seats, hotel rooms and leisure packages. The HTorex concept aims to achieve competitive prices and value for money in Travel and Hospitality services through a innovative direct booking model that ensure gains to all players and stakeholders. We are EVERYWHERE…


Most hospitality, travel and leisure players, especially large hotel chains, have been trying to drive direct bookings to their websites.

Avoiding high intermediary fees and commissions and retaining a larger margin through direct bookings is the dream of all Hospitality, Travel and Leisure players globally. Not every player however, is equipped to branch out individually and step around the intermediaries’ altogether. HTorex Direct Booking Platform is implements an innovative technology that creates and increases direct bookings while establishing a win-win strategy for service provider and intermediaries.

Tour Guides

Guides play a very key role in tourism especially during tours and safaris as they spend most of the time with tourist.

HTorex has created a module for all the tour guides globally to be able to create their profiles, manage bookings and market their unique attributes, professional achievements and strengths to the world. They are also able to be booked directly and have contracts with millions of Leisure companies and tourists globally. Tourists are also able to book a tour guide service from anywhere in the world via HTorex

We are focused to making lives of millions easy. You are whom we are so follow us on the social media or contact us for any enquiries, complains or complements.

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HTorex is a global Hospitality, Travel and Leisure industry

  • HTorex is a revolutionary global online system for Hospitality, Travel and Leisure industry that synchronizes more than six platforms into one powerful system.
  • It provides the technological capacity for hospitality, travel and leisure industry players to expand their market beyond the traditional and existing niches.
  • HTorex creates an unimaginably massive market and endless opportunities in the world of Hospitality, Travel and Leisure and makes it accessible by anyone, anywhere in the world.